Triton Project


The Triton Project is a 3D printed headset that uses off the shelf hardware to achieve advanced augmented reality. The Triton’s mission is to help us better explore the role computer vision and web technology plays in creating compelling AR.

What is the purpose of the Triton?

The Triton Project's purpose is to provide an easy to use, off the shelf solution for people who want to use advanced AR hmd's in a project.

Part of the Triton's is mission to figure out how to build a stable hand based UX. This involves building new software that attaches to our hands and wrists and can be manipulated with our fingers. If done right this could be the most revolutionary interface since multi-touch.

How does it compare to Project North Star?

The main structural difference is that the Triton uses a single panel display that is angled above the wearer's eye line. FOV, resolution, and comfort are all relatively the same.

While Triton is inspired by Project North Star, I consider it to be a more "off the shelf" solution. The Triton is not intended to be a competitor to North Star but instead is here to help propel an open ecosystem for AR.